Big State Music, LLC


Big State Music LLC is owned and operated by two music business veterans with combined experience in this industry of over 100 years.   These veterans have worked in all phases of the industry as professional vocalists and musicians along with many years developing other artists and getting them signed to major record labels, then managing their careers to successful superstardom.  Both veterans owned recording studios at one time where superstars recorded numerous hit songs and one co-owned four powerful radio stations. They are still heavily involved in several artists' careers and will stay involved in the music industry during their lifetime.   Music is as addictive as any substance known to mankind.  They are hooked for the duration.

He's probably the most famous opening act that you’ve never heard of.  He was in a band with a major record deal on Capitol Records in the late 70's called the "Side Of The Road Gang".  He performed as the opening act for many years in concerts for Willie and Waylon, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Hank Williams Jr. and many more.  He even provided the entertainment for one of Kevin "Babyface" Edmonds' dinner parties.  Everything you hear in his music is him. He wrote it, he played every instrument and did all the vocals.  His songs have ingenious lyrics, fabulous grooves and the songs are true stories from his life.  Listen to his music.  It is great stuff considering his young age of sixty six. Take some time to listen to all his music.   It will make you feel good.

Billy Joe Howard  

Carla Jones

Everyone in her family can sing and/or play an instrument and Carla is the youngest of nine.  Everyone in the family was so far ahead of her in musical talent, she had to excel to complete with her siblings.  This only made her stronger so she learned to sing harmony with the family at age eight and wrote her first song at age nine.  Her songwriting skills are like fine wine and her voice is like an angel from heaven.  She wrote all the songs (music and lyrics) on her three recorded albums and performed all the vocals, including backups.  This young lady is one of the most truly gifted singer/songwriters in the Christian and country gospel genre.  Once you hear her and listen to all the songs on her albums you will agree.  Let Carla take you to heaven with her powerful lyrics and melodies that will reach deep into your soul.